KIJIJI: Free Classified Ads in Your City

Trying to sell a car? Do you have a house for rent? Looking for a used washer & dryer? Why not check out KIJIJI, one of the leading and fastest growing online classifieds. Best of all, the service is FREE to use!

Pronounced Key-Gee-Gee, this service is easy and intuitive to navigate. All you need is an email address to post a classified Ad on KIJIJI. There are a range of city choices that are offered by KIJIJI. Obviously you want to post your ad in the city that is nearest where you live. As the name classifieds suggests, everything is categorized for easy navigation – Don’t post an ad for a used car under the housing heading! If you would like to aggressively adverstise, KIJIJI offers some upgrades to make your ad stand out from the rest of the pack. For example, a couple bucks will get you an ad that is highlighted. Another couple bucks will have your ad always displayed at the top. Things like that can really help give your ad some well needed exposure. This is also a great place to find things. Buying or selling, KIJIJI is a great addition to the online classifieds community.

Instead of spending money in the local newspaper, why not try KIJIJI first? You don’t have anything to lose.

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  1. Ethel Says:

    Great idea.

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